Business Activities

Our Group's businesses are diverse and are involved with social infrastructures in various areas. Each business is an independent entity. However, we have fused their diverse functions in a cross-sectional way to generate total engineering competency to meet social demands.

Facilities Construction Business

  • HVAC & Plumbing for Buildings Business HVAC & Plumbing for Buildings Business

    In the HVAC & Plumbing for Buildings business, we comprehensively consider HVAC, water supply and drainage plumbing and other functions to achieve energy saving and life-cycle cost reductions, as well as to enhance added values of buildings by seeking to improve their functionality and comfort.

  • Industrial HVAC Business Industrial HVAC Business

    In the Industrial HVAC Business, we offer systems for conserving and effectively using energy, by taking advantage of our unique clean room and other technologies built on element technologies that reflect our many years of experience, thereby supporting cutting-edge industries.

  • Electrical Systems Business Electrical Systems Business

    We offer electrical systems that enable stable supply and highly efficient use of electricity in areas of lighting installation, power substations, monitoring systems, information infrastructures and intelligent building management, in a way that best suits the building uses and purposes.

  • Smart Building Solutions Business Smart Building Solutions Business

    In the Smart Building Solution Business, we make the best use of our total engineering competency, which is the strength of Sanki Engineering, to offer smart buildings that enhance both energy-saving efficiency and comfort by combining building automation (BA) technologies involving HVAC, plumbing, electrical and other systems with information technology (ICT).

  • Facility Systems Business Facility Systems Business

    In the Facility Systems Business, we offer design and project management services for the establishment and relocation of offices and other workplaces, as well as consulting services for strategies and operations.

Plants & Machinery Systems Business

  • Machinery Systems Business Machinery Systems Business

    In the Machinery Systems Business, we offer material handling systems and transportation equipment that respond to the customers' needs and issues related to supply chain management.

  • Environmental Systems Business Environmental Systems Business

    In the Environmental Systems Business, we are working to develop unique water treatment and waste treatment facilities and systems, with the aim of enhancing the living environment while conserving energy and reducing CO2.

Real Estate Business

  • Real Estate Business Real Estate Business

    Our Real Estate Business involves building and land lease for the effective use of one's own real estate assets. In the building lease business, we have been engaged in building maintenance and management by drawing on technologies and know-how in our possession, in order to further enhance added values of buildings.

Technical Research & Development Institute

Technical Research & Development Institute

Our Technology Research & Development Institute engages in a variety of R&D related to our diverse business domains to develop new technologies and improve conventional technologies pursued by our experienced engineers who possess sophisticated capabilities.