Environmental and CSR Activities

Initiatives for the Environment

Environmental Management of Sanki Engineering

Sanki Engineering believes that environmental problems represent an important management issue and we advance environmental management with the aim of fulfilling two missions (see table below). We have constructed a system for the promotion of environmental management with our president as the overall director. At Company-wide environmental conferences, which convene once a year, each of our divisions reports on its activities and we decide on future plans. We are working to enhance our environmental activities through a PDCA cycle that calls for efficient and ongoing operation of our environmental management system (EMS).

Environmental Management of Sanki Engineering

Environmental Management System

The Company acquired ISO14001, an international standard for environmental management systems, in August 2001 for the Building Systems Business Division and the Head Office, and in January 2004 for the Environmental Systems Business Department.
Thereafter, the Company started introducing a company-wide system in October 2005 as a commemorative project of the 80th anniversary of its foundation. In August 2006, ISO14001 accreditation was granted on a company-wide basis to all departments. Furthermore, the accreditation was granted to two subsidiaries in August 2011.
The current scope of application is as follows:

Scope of Accreditation Date of Acquisition Inspection and Registration Organization
Registration No.
Accreditation Board
Plan, design and installation of Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning, plumbing and electrical facilities for Buildings and infrastructure for Advanced communication and networking technology equipment.
Design and production of Physical distribution and Material handling equipment design, engineering, procurement, construction, operations and after sales services of facilities for Municipal water and sewage treatment plants, Municipal waste incineration plants, and equipment for industrial use.
August 20, 2001 ABS QE,INC.
ABS QE INC.: an inspection and registration organization in the USA; ANAB: an accreditation board in the USA; RvA: an accreditation board in Holland

System for Promotion of Environmental Management
System for Promotion of Environmental Management

SANKI YOU Ecology Contribution Point System

This system is designed to assist NPO activities. The Company will present to customers a proposal of energy-saving measures for any facility that should result in CO2 reduction, and if the proposal is adopted, the amount of reduction will be converted into an ecology contribution point (100 yen per 1 ton of CO2 reduction).
Organizations to receive contributions are selected in a frame of global environmental protection activities conducted mainly by private NPOs. The Company has contributed points to an authorized nonprofit corporation for its afforestation project.
This is to share a thought for the prevention of global warming with customers that have adopted the Company's proposal, and also to have each employee in marketing, design, technology and development areas of the Company realize that his or her own task is directly linked to environmental protection.

SANKI YOU Ecology Contribution Point System

Dispatch to the Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition as environmental protection engineers.

Dispatch to the Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition as environmental protection engineers.