Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about the Company

1When was the Company founded?
1Founded in April, 1925
2When was the Company listed on a stock exchange?
2Newly listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in September, 1950
3What are the main business activities of the Company.
3The Company has developed the aforementioned business, ranging from building services, such as HVAC, plumbing, electrical and network systems, to plant facilities such as distribution apparatus transport equipment and material handling systems, and water treatment and waste disposal facilities. In addition, business such as general contracting of office relocation services and efficient building management (making proposals for energy saving) has also been undertaken.
For details, please refer to Business Activities.

Questions about the Company Stocks

4Which stock exchange is the Company listed on?
4The Tokyo Stock Exchange
5What is the stock ticker number for the Company?
6What is the number of shares per trading unit?
7What is the amount of capital and the number of issued shares.
7The amount of capital is 8,105,185,804 yen, and the number of issued shares is 59,661,156 shares.
8Does the Company have a shareholder special benefit plan?
8No plan has been implemented.

Questions about Accounting and Financial Matters

9When is the account closing date?
9March 31 of each year