Message from President

We provide new value to society by practicing our Management Philosophy and enhancing “total engineering competency”.

I would like to express my gratitude to everyone involved with the Sanki Engineering Group, beginning with shareholders and investors and including customers, cooperating companies, business partners and local communities for the understanding and support of the Group's daily business activities.

The Sanki Engineering Group contributes to society in various business domains related to social infrastructure, including the Facilities Construction Business, which consists primarily of heating, ventilation and air conditioning, plumbing, electrical systems, information and communications, and office relocation; the Machinery Systems Business, which consists primarily of material handling systems and conveyors; and the Environmental Systems Business, which consists primarily of water and sewage treatment facilities and waste incineration facilities. These businesses are integrated across the Group, creating the capabilities that comprise our “total engineering competency”.

I believe that the Sanki Engineering Group can deliver new value to customers by communicating information about our technologies to support the next generation, through striving to enhance each of our businesses in order to increase our “total engineering competency” and accelerating the pace of technological development, based on the Group's management philosophy. We also will aim to realize the further growth and progress of the Sanki Engineering Group by focusing on improving the Sanki brand, through proactively communicating with our stakeholders.

Hirokazu Ishida