Environmental and CSR Activities

Our Relationship with Our Employees

Fundamental Philosophy

Fundamental Philosophy

Our Company group Credo contains the phrase "Act in a considered manner, and always in a spirit of good fellowship," and on the basis of this concept we strive to create a working environment and a corporate culture in which all employees grow together with the company, respect each other's individuality, and are able to succeed and thrive.
The technical capabilities and skills of each employee are precious assets of the company and we believe that human resources are indispensable to an organization. As such, we are creating an environment that nurtures human resources so that they can work to their full potential.

Promoting Diversity

We believe that creating working environments in which diverse personnel are able to display their particular talents leads to increased company value, and we are therefore promoting diversity among our employees and actively working to establish a variety of systems to make this a reality.

Employment of Disabled Persons

We are working to create an environment in which disabled employees can feel secure and display their abilities to the greatest possible extent.

Work Transfer System

In fiscal 2007, seeking to create more opportunities for rank and file employees to demonstrate their abilities, we introduced a work transfer system enabling employees to upgrade to career positions. We shifted rank and file occupations to local occupations in fiscal 2013.

Hiring Foreign Employees

Our mid-term plan that commenced in fiscal 2011, SANKI VITAL PLAN 90th, positions efforts to foster foreign employees as a means of strengthening our management foundations, and we are making active efforts to recruit foreign employees on this basis.

System for Reemploying Workers Following Retirement

Seeking to provide employment opportunities for older workers with advanced skills and expertise, we led our industry by introducing a system in 2001 for the reemployment of workers following retirement.

Promoting Work-life Balance

子育てサポートしています 2013年認定事業主
The next generation accreditation mark
(Nickname: KURUMIN)

The Company has strived to improve various support systems for employees to balance their respective families and jobs, and introduced the following leave systems using the reserved leave*; the refresh leave system to allow an employee to take leave for five consecutive days in each five-year period of service, a child-raising leave system and the family care leave system.
Also, there is a leave system for construction site staff, the consecutive leave system for site staff, to allow a site staff to take leave for three consecutive days at the time when six months have passed since the staff was permanently assigned to the site, or when the staff is transferred to another site.
The Company has received the accreditation of the general business operator conforming to standards as a company actively supporting the nurturing of the next generation from, and granted the next generation accreditation mark (KURUMIN) by, the Tokyo Labor Bureau.

* Reserved leave:
A unique Sanki Engineering system under which employees are able to reserve their untaken leave for the past 10 years and use it in the event of a personal injury, illness and other special occasions.

Fostering Human Resources

Systems to Provide Support in Line with Career Plan

Sanki Engineering has created its personnel system based on the concept of rewarding individuals for their abilities and their efforts. We have established various training schemes associated with each career such as management training, technical training and training by domain in order to strengthen specialized skills, technical skills and management skills and boost personal growth.