Environmental and CSR Activities

Our Relationship with Our Business Partners

Fundamental Philosophy

Fundamental Philosophy

The Company has declared in the Code of Conduct that "we will build fair, equal and transparent business relationships with all of our business partners, and we will conduct honest transactions, in accordance with the stipulations of the related laws and regulations and the relevant contracts." In order to provide customers with higher quality facilities and services, the Company has strived to build a reliable relationship of mutual trust.

Building Fair, equal and Transparent Business Relationships

The Company always enters into a Basic Construction Contract with all business partners, and after reaching agreement on individual contractual terms enters into an individual agreement with each business partner by exchanging an order form and written acknowledgment. As an ordering party, the Company places orders pursuant to the objective criteria regarding a wide range of factors, including the state of quality and environmental management systems, construction capabilities, financial situations, track records in construction work and prices offered by contractors.
The Company distributes to all executive officers and employees the Order Placement Manual that stipulates prohibition of abuse of superior bargaining position and other basic principles. The contracting and other procedures for establishing a fair, equal and transparent relationship with business partners are being made thoroughly circulated through corporate ethics training and other occasions.
In addition, the Company has established notification contacts for business partners to report any suspected improper transactions.

Strengthening Cooperation with Business Partners

Strengthening Cooperation with Business Partners
Each leading member of the Company, such as the General Manager of a branch or branch office, attends the regular liaison meeting as the Company representative.

The Company has established a cooperative association with business partners to which the Company commissions construction work, per business department, branch and branch office to ensure technological improvement, quality control, and occupational health and safety management through regular liaison meetings held and trainings provided by the association. In addition, employees of the Company have provided education to business partners with respect to health and safety issues and for the acquisition of qualifications. The Company has also conducted safety patrols in conjunction with business partners to confirm the state of health and safety management and provide instructions at each construction site.
The Company has conducted a survey examining the actual state of transactions with business partners each year so as to ensure quality and business improvement in the entire supply chain. As part of this initiative, , the Company has prepared a construction performance evaluation table based on the evaluation standards specified in the quality management system (ISO9001) to objectively determine the performance of each business partner per item such as the quality, price, delivery schedule and safety, the results of which are notified to the business partner. At the same time, the Company exchanges information for improvements with business partners from time to time.