Environmental and CSR Activities

Initiatives for Safety

Occupational Health and Safety Management System

Sanki Engineering has promoted health and safety activities in conjunction with cooperative companies under the fundamental philosophy of health and safety, in order to achieve the ultimate goal of creating a pleasant and rewarding workplace without occupational accidents.
The Company has introduced the occupational health and safety management system (Sanki OHSMS) and performed organizational and continuous safety management according to the characteristics of each business under the health and safety action policies established each year, to ensure that the potential risk of occupational accidents is eliminated or reduced, and the health and safety level is improved.
The Company has also prepared the company-wide health and safety action policies and plans to implement the visual control of the PDCA cycle on risk management, including investigating causes and taking remedial and preventive measures.

Thorough Health and Safety Education

To ensure safety in the worksite, for employees we provide health and safety education at designated educational institutions and in classes taught by in-house instructors. Besides educating employees, we provide education to people who are newly visiting a worksite by using health and safety notebooks.
In cooperation with the Sanki Health and Safety Cooperative Associations, we also offer the health and safety education stipulated by the Industrial Safety and Health Act to Sanki employees and the employees of our business partners.

Safety Conference and Safety Patrols

Every year during June, the preparatory month for National Safety Week, we hold a safety conference at each branch and branch office with the participation of top management.
We also conduct a variety of safety patrols in order to raise safety awareness among workers on construction sites. In addition to patrols by top management and staff members of business divisions, branches and branch offices patrols by site supervisors, and patrols by the proprietors of business partners, we also conduct special summer joint patrols and year-end joint patrols as special events.

Safety Patrols
Safety Patrols
Safety Conference at the Head Office
Safety Conference at the Head Office